Career Development

UGA-ROOTS is a series of seminars and discussions provide graduate students and postdocs with information about UGA research, and useful career development tips, and job hunting strategies.

General Organization of ROOTS

We attempt to organize this event two times per year, normally in April and October. The dates are determined by several university units, namely the University of Georgia Postdoc Association (PDA), the Office of Research Postdoctoral Affairs (OPA).

General Session Organization (subject to change)

  • Orientation.  Welcoming orientation presentation by OVPR introducing new hires to UGA policies, conduct protocols, and many more useful topics.
  • 15-min Break.
  • Training. Each year we attempt to build on previously discussed subjects and bring innovative leaders in academia and industry to share their knowledge with the graduate students and postdocs. The following are subjects previously discussed at the ROOTS training seminars:
    1. Research Presentations and Communication of your Research Data to Peers and Colleagues
    2. Leadership and Mentoring Strategies
    3. Job Search and Application Preparation for Various Positions in Science
    4. Job Interviews and Presentations: How to Succeed
    5. Fellowships (“How to Sell Yourself”)
    6. Grantsmanship (“How to Sell your Research”)
    7. Entrepreneurship in Science
    8. Teaching
  • Social Event and Networking.  Food and refreshments are gratis.

For more information about previous ROOTS events and to view selected presentations, go to Office of Research Postdoc Portal .